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Rohema Introduce 5A and 5B Fusion Sticks

Rohema Introduce 5A and 5B Fusion Sticks

Introducing the fusion of the classic 5A and 5B models with a powerful barrel tip, wrapped in a completely new, innovative coat of paint.

Rohema is breaking new ground with their Fusion models. They are combining classic dimensions with extraordinary and innovative features, developed from many years of experience and collaboration with a wide variety of artists.

5A Hickory

The new Rohema Fusion sticks offer the usual diameter of 5A and 5B but are a tad longer. They also have a narrower, longer shoulder. This ensures a high rebound and fast response.

5B Hickory

The barrel-shaped head sounds incredibly good on the cymbals. As the playing surface of the tip is larger, the sound of the Fusion models is fuller and more open.

For the first time, Rohema is using a new type of surface treatment on the Fusion sticks. Their wax-oil finish is applied in a two-stage process and provides the sticks with a particularly shiny retro look and an extremely good grip.

Find more information here: https://www.rohema.de/en/search?sSearch=fusion

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