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Accessories Review – VicKick Bass Drum Beaters

Here’s our review of a selection of Vic Firth VicKick bass drum beaters consisting of…

  • Dual-position felt beater,
  • Dual-position wood beater,
  • Fleece covered felt beater,
  • Wood shaft felt beater,
  • Cajon Beater

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Vic Firth say…”From the first beat you’ll hear a difference! That’s because the new VicKick Beaters® were designed with sound quality as the number one priority. Available in felt, wood and fleece, each model features a spherical head for a consistent striking surface and provides a distinct level of articulation, all while achieving an enhanced low-end sound. Within the VicKick™ series, both the felt and wood beaters feature a unique dual striking position. Set in the “radial” position, the beater provides clear articulation, consistent rebound and allows for side-by-side clearance when used on double pedal setups. The “flat” position increases beater surface contact for enhanced sound. The fleece beater is crafted with an oval felt core and sets up in a singular position.”

Find out our thoughts in the video above…!!


Felt beater: £35.99

Wood beater: £32.39

Fleece beater: £40.19

Wood shaft beater: £38.99

Cajon beater: £24.95