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Sonor Introduce New Finish For AQ1 Series


What have Tony Williams, Italian sports cars, a submarine mentioned in a Beatles song and the SONOR AQ1 Limited Edition in common?

The AQ1 Series defines the entry into the world of the SONOR Sound – a birch shell kit, completed with a 5-piece 2000 Series hardware pack in our 2 popular configurations Stage and Studio, available in 2 classic, yet stunning high gloss lacquering finishes: Piano Black and Piano White. And now available in “Lite Yellow” for a very limited time.

AQ1 Yellow Close-Up

The AQ1 Series has been newly designed and engineered from ground up by the SONOR team in Bad Berleburg, Germany. Designed not only visual by a new lug and badge but also acoustical by the isolating “SmartMount” that allows for significant better resonance and sustain of the 100% all birch shell rack toms.

“With introduction of AQ1 our product portfolio is now complete again. According to our “Vision 2020″, in which SONOR focuses on highest possible quality in particular segments, AQ1 complements and rounds out our product range from top to bottom. Our offering to the ambitious beginner and to the SONOR enthusiast, who is looking for an additional stage-ready drum kit.” says product manager Frank Boestfleisch.

The AQ1 Limited Edition in “Lite Yellow” will be in stores in October 2018.

The AQ1 comes in two different configurations:

22″x17,5″ BD / 10″x7″ TT / 12″x8″ TT / 16″x15″ FT / 14″x6″ SD

20″x16″ BD / 10″x7″ TT / 12″x8″ TT / 14″x13″ FT / 14″x6″ SD

And features…

  • 6 plies, 7.2 mm, 100% birch shells,
  • 2000 Series hardware consisting of: 2 x cymbal boom stands, 1 x snare stand, 1 x HiHat, 1 x single pedal, 1 x throne
  • “SmartMount” tom mount,
  • double tom holder,
  • BD with mount,
  • matching lacquered wooden BD hoop,
  • Remo UT Pinstripe heads (toms)

All kits are designed & engineered in Germany while being manufactured in China.

For more info, visit: www.sonor.com