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Zildjian Announces Limited Edition Release of Vintage A’s from Armand Zildjian’s Personal Collection

In celebration of what would have been Armand Zildjian’s 100th birthday, the Avedis Zildjian Company is excited to announce, that for the first time ever, it will be releasing vintage cymbals from the Zildjian family vault.

20″ Vintage A Cymbal

This first ever family vault release features 200 hand selected genuine vintage 20” A cymbals from Armand Zildjian’s personal collection. Handed down through generations of Zildjians, these cymbals were cherished by Armand during his lifetime and represent his vast contributions to the development of the modern day cymbal, his collaborations with the top drummers of the day and his legacy as the Father of Artist Relations.

Armand and Louie in the Vault

Says Cady Zildjian, Director Avedis Zildjian Company, “My grandfather would have been 100 this February.  His passion, energy and love for creating sound and crafting his product continue to drive our vision today.  Armand’s legacy is alive and well!  Our family is thrilled to share these hand selected cymbals from his personal collection and these special pieces of Zildjian’s history with the percussion community in celebration of his milestone birthday.”

These 1940s to 1950s era A Zildjian cymbals were created at the original Zildjian factory in Quincy Massachusetts by a small team of dedicated Craftsman. They bear all the visual and sonic qualities of a well-loved vintage cymbal, delivering that unmistakable early A sound that changed music forever.

With this limited edition release, these one-of-a-kind instruments can now become part of your collection.

Armand Zildjian signature drumsticks

Included with each cymbal is a pair of limited edition Armand Zildjian signature drumsticks, a pair of gloves, a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity, and a book celebrating Armand Zildjian’s life and legacy. All of these come packed in a premium Calzone road case.

Calzone road case

The Zildjian Company is honored to share these highly sought-after cymbals with collectors around the world in celebration of Armand’s 100th birthday and all that he achieved in his illustrious life. Only 200 of these sets will be available globally, with 100 being released in the United States and 100 internationally.

Visit zildjian.com for more information.