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Meinl Pure Alloy Custom Series Cymbals – Drummer’s Review

Here’s our latest review looking at a selection of new-for-2023 additions to the Meinl Pure Alloy Custom Series cymbals, consisting of…

  • 20″ Medium-Heavy Crash,
  • 20″ & 18″ Extra Thin Hammered Crashes,
  • 12″ Trash Splash,
  • 8″ Splash,

All featuring…

  • B12 Pure Bronze Alloy construction,
  • Precision hammering throughout,
  • Smoked Bronze finish (top) / Brilliant finish (underside).

Meinl Says…“Pure Alloy Custom is a unique series that offers smooth tonality, a great feel under the stick, and a distinctive look on any drum kit. They produce a slightly softer attack with a warmer body and fast decay, while maintaining the bright shimmer and sustain that Pure Alloy is known for.

Made in Germany from pure Alloy bronze and hammered into shape. To make these cymbals visually stand out, we applied a finish on top called custom smoked-bronze and polished the bottom to a brilliant finish. ”

Find out our thoughts in the video above!!

Meinl Pure Alloy Custom Series Cymbals (2023 additions):


8″ Splash – £125.00

12″ Trash-Splash – £165.00

18″ Extra Thin Hammered Crash – £299.00

20″ Extra Thin Hammered Crash – £355.00

20″ Medium-Heavy Crash – £355.00


See Meinl Cymbals at The UK Drum Show 2023…

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