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Aerodrums Release 3D/VR Companion App For Their Air Drumming Instrument.

Aerodrums 3D

Aerodrums has announced the eagerly awaited add-on to its unique air drumming percussion instrument. The 3D/VR feature is a free app that complements the Aerodrums experience by augmenting it with 3D visuals that can be viewed on screen or through virtual reality headsets.

The highly requested companion app shows the drummer a responsive 3D rendering of their drum set, drum sticks and feet as they play. It allows them to reposition their drums in 3D, whilst also supporting other interactions with Aerodrums; such as playing songs, enabling a metronome and recording performances.

The app supports Windows, Mac OS X, iOS and Android devices, as well as the Oculus Go, Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR headsets.

“We are planning ahead for when augmented reality technology will enable you to materialise a drum set in a room at the push of a button. The new VR app brings us closer to this future.”, said Richard Lee, Aerodrums co-founder.

Aerodrums is played by over twenty thousand musicians and learners worldwide. The company just celebrated the use of an experimental variant of its instrument by A.R. Rahman in his recent US tour. Rhaman, drummer Ranjit Barot and percussionist Sanket Naik performed on Aerodrums as a trio.


About Aerodrums:

The UK-based company is located at the world-famous Parr Street Studios in Liverpool and was founded to commercialise innovative tools for drummers and drums learners. It designed its Aerodrums instrument to solve the problems of noise and portability while providing musical expressiveness on par with acoustic drum sets. The instrument works by observing the drummer’s gestures using a high-speed camera. The company also makes Aered, an intuitive sheet music editor for drums