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Latin Percussion Add A Host Of New Instruments For 2020

Latin Percussion have released a host of new products for 2020, including a signature Cajon in association with Efrain Toro, a ‘Dandy’ new cowbell, a selection of new rope-tuned djembes and additional instruments into their percussive accessory range.

Latin Percussion’s Woodshop and rhythmist, Efrain Toro have come together to create the USA made Toro Bravo Cajon.  

Constructed by a small team of passionate, California based craftsmen, using high grade materials the Toro Bravo Cajon, is an exceptional instrument that incorporates proprietary design elements and innovative, patented technology to deliver three distinct tones with ease. 

The secret to the sound of this unique instrument is achieved using a hybrid wood, Tapered Core along with an Optimized Grain Orientation soundboard that includes that is integrated with a Rapid Response Curve. A quarter-sawn, solid cedar body provides ample resonance, while an angled playing surface and self-aligning rubber feet make the Toro Bravo effortless to play. The sound is completed by four Adjustable Phosphor Bronze Strings.


Efrain Toro is renowned as one of the best all round percussionists in the world with a unique perspective and knowledge of many styles of music. As well as being a successful LA based studio musician he has recorded and performed globally and is also the author of 18 education books.

Also new-for-2020 is the limited edition, Dandy Bongo Cowbell, a tribute to the living legend that is John ‘Dandy’ Rodriguez.

‘Dandy’, long considered to be the bongo players Bongocero, is an icon on the salsa scene. He has a long association with LP and has been working with LP’s USA cowbell factory to create a set of two cowbells that achieve an elusive sound that he has sought for years. Only one hundred of these high pitched bells will be produced and each will be signed by John himself. 

The 8” hand held cowbells (Hi Bell LPJR1C, Lo Bell LPJR2C ) will be available in brushed steel or limited edition chrome finish. Both finishes will be available in either Hi or Lo tones. The Dandy Bongo Cowbells are made using a one piece steel construction to produce the higher pitch and lively overtone that is associated with Latin Music.

LP has also announced two new 12 1/2″ Rope Tuned Djembes in Siam Walnut and Siam Oak in a Dark Wood finish along with the Kessing-Kessing and X-Strap Percussion Holder.

The new Rope Tuned Djembes are modelled after traditional African drums and are designed to be played standing up with a strap, seated or on a stand. The djembes are 12 ½” in diameter and stand 25” tall and are fitted with natural goat skin heads using an Ever-Tune Rope tuning system, which provides an authentic sound and feel. Both shells offer incredible tone, from crisp slaps to rich deep bass notes.

The LP Kessing-Kessing is an interpretation of the traditional Africa djembe accessory. Supplied in a set of three, the instrument is constructed from lightweight aluminum and features steel rings to provide a dry rattling sound. Placed snugly in the webbing of a rope tuned djembe the Kessing- Kessing will react to the vibrations produced when the drum is played to add color to any performance. 

The LP X-Strap Percussion Holder has been designed to allow drummers to easily hold a djembe or other drum without compromising mobility. The 2” wide nylon strap attaches to the drum with heavy duty hooks and evenly distributes the weight of the drum and the soft, padded shoulder pads provide comfort for hours of playing.

Elsewhere, LP has introduced their new Circle Djembes. Part of the LP World Collection, the new 7-inch, rope tuned djembes offer stunning sound and extra durability with eye-catching looks for rhythm makers of all levels.  

The djembes are made of LP’s exclusive HD Shell Construction with a reinforced bearing edge making them lightweight and durable. The Synthetic Perfect-Pitch head is pre-tuned, impervious to climate conditions and ideal for educators and enthusiast of all levels. The Ever-Tune Rope, an essential part of these rope tuned Circle Djembes, gives long lasting tension reducing the need to continually retune. The new Circle Djembes are the perfect blend of Old-World traditions and the latest manufacturing techniques. Available in White, Red, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Blue Marble, Orange Marble and Green Marble.  

Finally, Latin Percussion has extended their accessory range with the addition of two new effects, the LP 18” Standard Red Oak Slapstick (LP555) and LP Standard Ratchet (LP558). 

LP’s 18-inch Standard Red Oak Slapstick is a quality handheld percussion instrument providing a professional orchestral sound. Easy to use, its high tension spring delivers the classic bullwhip sound for “Sleigh Ride”, Britten’s “The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra”, Copland’s “Rodeo” and a number of other musical compositions.

The LP Standard Ratchet is a must have for percussionists seeking to get that classic ratchet sound used in orchestral, show and school music. The 6 ¾’ sturdy steel frame comes with an eye-bolt that allows you to mount the ratchet on any 3/8″ diameter rod while ergonomic handle allows for easy rotation. The Hood Pine tines are designed for outstanding projection and durability.

Both percussion instruments will offer years of playing on the road, in studios or in the classroom.

For more info about any of the products, visit: www.lpmusic.com