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Secure Your Set-Up With KickStrap

The Music Shipping Co has added the US-made KickStrap to its range of drum and percussion accessories. Billed as ‘the definitive solution to eliminate the age-old problem of bass drums and pedals sliding or creeping when being played’ the KickStrap is suitable for all makes and sizes of drum set and hardware, single or double bass pedals, cajon pedals, electronic kits and even some keyboard expression pedals. The KickStrap has an adjustable length webbing strap with a thin metal plate that hooks over the bottom of the pedal base. On the other end of this strap is a hook that secures on to any drum stool. MSC adds that ‘it works without using drum mat and even on a marble floor!’

The KickStrap can be used on any surfaces such as wood, vinyl etc. No modification to the pedal or stool is required. It’s said to be ideal for small spaces and restricted stages and also avoids the need to transport a bulky drum mat. 

Available individually or in a pack containing two straps suitable for all bass pedal sizes the KickStrap has an srp of £9.99 

Info: www.musicshipping.co.uk