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Yamaha Announce DTX10 and DTX8 e-drums

Yamaha DTX10 and DTX8 combine genuine drum feeling with first-class studio sound.
Yamaha further refines the faithful reproduction of a real acoustic drum kit’s sound and feel, with its brand-new DTX10 and DTX8 e-drums. The Japanese manufacturer successfully combined its know-how in building world-renowned acoustic drums with the latest music technology developments in electric drums and sampling.

Yamaha DTX10

The DTX10, which uses the DTX-PROX module, is the new flagship of the Yamaha e-drums range, offering a highly realistic feel, superior sound, precise workmanship, and an authentically natural look. Various connectivity options for computers and mobile devices like Bluetooth® and USB turn the DTX10 into comprehensive control centres for percussive sounds.

The DTX8, which uses the DTX-PRO module, combines the best parts of the DTX6 range released last year and merges it with some of the best features of the DTX10 to make a more cost-effective, great sounding, and equally great-looking e-kit.

Outstandingly authentic look and feel
Yamaha wanted to bring its e-drums as close to the unique feeling of playing actual acoustic drums as possible – and went back to the drawing board. Both DTX10 and DTX8 feature completely redesigned drum pads and are available in Textured Cellular Silicone (TCS) especially developed by Yamaha and, new for Yamaha, mesh drum heads. The TCS pads surface is a silicone cushion housing countless small air chambers that absorb stick hits, create realistic rebounds, and are gentle on the drummer’s wrists. In addition, purpose-built suspensions dampen vibrations, which, combined with the air chamber design, reduces ambient noise and increases trigger accuracy. The mesh versions of the pads offer a custom Remo mesh head designed to be easy to play with and quiet. The new drum pads use real birch drum shells and share the naturally elegant look of their acoustic counterparts as Yamaha offers the same exquisite Black Forest and Real Wood finishes used for its acoustic drums. The lugs and hoops are also taken from high-end acoustic drums, sporting an appropriately high-quality finish.

Yamaha DTX8

Luxurious configurations
DTX10 and DTX8 are available in varied configurations. The DTX8 is comprised of a KP90 kick pad, an RHH135 hi-hat controller, three 10-inch XP105-X tom pads and a 12-inch XP125SD-X snare pad with two trigger zones for rim click and drumhead articulations. Two 13-inch crashes and a positional sensing 15-inch ride complete the setup. The flagship set DTX10 features the KP128 – a particularly refined Kick Pad with a 12-inch mesh head and multi-layer cushion head surface. The third tom pad is a 12-inch floor tom. The cymbals consist of 13-inch and 15-inch crashes. The new PCY175 3-zone ride cymbal pad measures 17 inches, the largest cymbal pad Yamaha has ever made, and close to an actual ride cymbal size. All DTX10 and DTX8 series cymbal pads feature three zones – edge, bow and bell – that can be triggered and stopped, just like choking a real cymbal.

Sound quality and effects from world-renowned studios
The DTXPRO (DTX8) and DTXPROX (DTX10) Drum Trigger Modules offer outstanding sonic quality and brand-new samples that were recorded in world-renowned studios with the highest precision in dynamics and resolution. Great importance was attached to reproducing the crucial attack and decay behaviour of individual drums and cymbals, and to add extra realism, the sound of the studio rooms themselves was captured and can be added back to the drum kit. In addition, the recorded sounds can be fine-tuned with numerous effects that are also used in professional studios and the MONTAGE music synthesizer by Yamaha. The modules contain more than 400 or 700 sounds, respectively, and allow for the import of up to 1,000 16- or 24-bit custom samples. This way, a multitude of unique sounds can be created, creatively combined and percussively realised. Both modules allow players the ability to configure different kits according to individual needs. The kit sounds are all fully editable. Edited sounds can be exported by stereo outputs, USB, or, in the case of the DTX-PROX module, individual outputs – perfect for live and studio use.

Yamaha Kit Modifier – real-time sound adjustment
Unique to the DTX-PRO and DTX-PROX modules are the Kit Modifier knobs. These three knobs allow users to adjust ambience, compression and other effects in real-time while playing. Rather than interrupting the creative flow, this approach and implementation aim to enrich the process and add instant and dramatic changes. The Ambience modifier adjusts the amount of recorded room ambience but can also control additional Yamaha digital reverb algorithms. The Comp modifier adds compression to the whole kit. It can either work as “sound glue” when used cautiously or give the kit a more aggressive touch when used more lavishly. The Effect modifier controls the integrated effect processor’s sends and returns. Users can simply define which pads are connected to which processor. In addition, every channel has its own EQ, channel compression and transient adjustment to control attack and decay.

Extensive connectivity: Bluetooth, USB and Rec’n’Share
To facilitate effortless integration, Yamaha DTX10 and DTX8 kits offer MIDI- and USB-ports in addition to audio outputs on their respective modules. The DTX10 even features Bluetooth functionality that makes it particularly easy to connect music streaming or metronome apps via tablet or smartphone. The USB port can output audio directly to a DAW as a 24-bit audio stream – Steinberg Cubase AI is included. Performances can also be exported as MIDI for use with other sound modules, plug-ins, or editing software. Alternatively, performances can easily be recorded and saved to USB drives. In addition to simple stereo recording, the DTX10 allows multitrack recording via eight individual outputs. Up to 14 pads can be connected directly to the sound module, making it easy to expand standard setups with additional triggers. The free Yamaha Rec’n’Share app enables seamless integration into the digital world: the DTX10 or DTX8 modules can be connected to a compatible iOS or Android device via USB to record drum sessions as audio or video. Rec’n’Share offers extensive editing options such as time-stretching and the ability to upload videos directly from the drum seat to social media.

Varied practice options and powerful headphone amplifier
Practice makes perfect – especially with the capabilities offered by Yamaha DTX10 and DTX8 modules. Artists looking to perfect their groove have access to a programmable metronome, versatile recording functions, ten practice programs, and 37 practice tracks from various genres. These qualities are further – figuratively and literally – amplified by the new, high-quality headphone amplifier built into DTX10 and DTX8, conveying the feeling of playing an acoustic kit.

Maximum flexibility
The RS10-HXR Hexrack and RS8 rack systems have been redesigned to facilitate a particularly light and flexible setup for DTX10 and DTX8. The left side of both racks is open, allowing for easy placement of hi-hat and double bass drum pedals. Extensive adjustment options make it easy to set up the system for perfect performances both for right and left hand players. The L-shaped rack combines the classic design of an acoustic drum set with the stability required for durability and reliability.

Prices and availability
The Yamaha DTX10 and DTX8 e-drums are available from September 2021.

SRP prices GBP (including 20% VAT).

DTX10 from £4200.00

DTX8 from £2690.00

Gavin Thomas – Product Manager Drums Yamaha Music Europe (UK)

“Following the successful launch of the DTX6 series last year, we are delighted to complete our DTX line up with the new releases of the DTX10 and DTX8 series. At the heart of the DTX10 is the new DTX Pro X module which is so well considered and thought out, offering many leading features for all drummers needs – in all environments. Combine this with the options of Yamaha’s ground breaking TCS or the more traditional Mesh playing surface, different finishes options with real drum shells and professional level drum hardware – sets Yamaha apart. There is much depth to this new offering of e-drums to be uncovered along with the added drum heritage, reliability and innovation for which Yamaha is so well regarded”

Further information can be found on the Yamaha Drums channels:

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/YamahaDrumsEurope
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yamahadrumsofficial
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/YamahaDrumsOfficial